Many years ago, Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘content is king’, and for many years it was. If you wanted to move up the search engine rankings, SEO rich written content was the way to do it. Technology has moved on at an amazing pace though, and now search engines consider images and videos as well.

How Videos and Images Can Help Your SEO

There are several ways you can make your videos and images get noticed by the search engine bots. From time to time, you will see videos with writing over them. This is known as videos transcript and it helps the search engines find and rank your videos. The transcript acts as written copy, so you get the benefit of both at the same time.

The title and meta description are as important for your videos and images as they always have been for written copy. Make sure they are engaging to help your site move up the rankings. Google will only index the first video or image on a page, so if you have several, make sure it is the one you want seen that is first. Make the video or image the focus of the page but have some keyword rich text as well. This will help with the SEO and get your page more viewers.


Making Videos and Images

It’s fine for anyone to say that you need videos and images online, but how do you make them to start with? You could use professional companies to make them for you, but that would be rather expensive. You could invest in some camera and video equipment to make them yourself, and that will be the cheaper option.

So what equipment do you need? Which is the best to buy and easiest to operate for a novice? You could start by looking at the site of, which has much advice and guidance about all sorts of equipment in this line.

They do not have to be to the high standard you would expect from a professional. As long as they are reasonable they will suffice. Sometimes, making them can be great fun, and people love to see mishaps that are funny. This does mean you could produce a video or image which is nothing like you intended, but it could still have the desired results.


Share Them on Social Media

You should not rely just on SEO to get your brand known. With the likes of Google moving the goalposts on a regular basis, you need other ways of making sure your videos, images and written content is seen. Just one of these ways is to post them on social media, although without a doubt, videos and images are best on these platforms. Have some text with them to attract viewers to stop and look and include a link to your website within that.


The whole point of all of this is to get users to visit your website and to convert them into sales. Images and videos are proving a huge help in making that happen.