There is so much wealth of information on the internet that it’s the first place people go to when they need something. Having a website helps you tap into this and you become part of the millions of other content generators who want their website to be visited by internet users.

A website gives you an online presence but how do you leverage it so it becomes visible to millions of potential customers that are on the internet at any given moment? You need to do more than just having a website. You must attract customers to your website.

Have an appropriate URL

The URL is what someone types into their address bar when they want to visit your website. It should be short so as to be memorable and more importantly, unique to your company and congruent with your line of business.

Ideally, it should be your business or company name, or close to it. This helps your SEO efforts and also makes it easy for existing customers to refer their friends to your website.

Avoid funny names for your domain name, unless your business is comedy and it helps your brand.


Make it interesting

You want people to stay long enough in your website so you can get the conversions that you want. Make your website interesting such that they can get lost in it and lose track of time.

The way to do this is to have a variety of content; a mix of long and short posts, images, videos, and if you like, you can include your social media feeds so that your website becomes a one-stop shop.


Your website should be user-friendly. Few people will scour your website looking for information. The layout and organization of your website should be simple so that a visitor can easily navigate through the menu or categories and find the information that they want.

The content in your website should be neatly arranged for aesthetic purposes and smooth navigation.

More importantly, every user should be able to get the best experience regardless of the devices they have or the browsers they use. This is called responsive web design. You will miss out on a segment of potential customers if your website is not viewable on smartphones or certain browsers.


Content marketing

As you have probably heard countless times, content is king. Quality content will get more eyes to your website. The content in your website should be in line with your business objectives.

You can have a blog section on the website for the company’s press releases and industry related matters.

If you are having a problem generating consistent content for your website, then you should outsource the job to an agency like Yourcontentshop.Com. You can’t afford to slack in your content generation.



Use your website to consistently build your business brand. Use your company logo and tagline throughout your website to create more presence for your business and start conversations surrounding your products and services.

Done with consistency, your brand will become more recognizable, striking a cord with more customers.