Social media can be a great tool to boost your company’s reach, develop relationships, and of course improve traffic and sales. Assuming that your company will be an automatic hit, however, is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Being big does not mean you will be a success online, and only when you know how to direct social media success can you really see a boost in sales.

It can be hard to grow a new social media profile from scratch for an individual who has friends they can follow, much less for businesses. That is why you need to follow this guide:

Get All the Tools You Will Need

To begin, you will want to get all the tools that you will need to create editorial photos. You cannot just use product photos online. This is ugly, spammy, and not the kind of content that does well on social media. Instead, you will need to invest in:

A Camera and Equipment

A proper camera, a stabilizer, a tripod, and proper lighting will be a worthy investment.

Photo Editing Software

There are a variety of photo editing tools, with the top choices, of course, being from Adobe. If you prefer to use something different, however, there are a variety of free and premium tools for both desktops and mobiles.

Social Media AI Bots

It can be very hard and time-consuming to be as active and engaged with your social media as Instagram would want you to be. That is why you will want to make use of an AI bot to keep up the momentum when you are not personally using the apps. HTTP-COM have compiled a great review of Instagram bots for you to choose from. You do need to be careful with these bots, as some work, and others are glitchy or spammy.

Link Up Your Social Media Accounts

The next step is to link up all of your social media accounts and pages. Though you won’t want to cross-post, certain features (like tagging products on Instagram) can only be done once you link your Instagram account with your Business Page.

Switch to Business Profiles

Switch to business profiles on all the accounts you can. This will give you access to advanced features, including analytics. Though the goal of these social media accounts is to get you to pay for advertising, their features are often indispensable.

Use Analytics and Bots to Boost Visibility

Use the analytics they offer to improve the content you post, when the best times to post are, and more. You won’t get it right the first few times, but by using analytics you can improve engagement over time.

Be Genuine and Organic With Your Own Community

Though bots can be great for bringing in users and growing your reach, they are not a proper substitute for your own community outreach. You should personally respond to questions and comments both on your posts and in your DMs (direct messages).

Growing an account takes time, but stick with it and work hard so that you can have a dedicated, loyal community of fans for your business.