Working in the business is extremely liberating, and if you are very much a ‘people’s person’, working as a HR manager may be the perfect role for you. Within the job, you’ll be responsible for managing practices, strategies and employee relations and your main aim will be to ensure these strategies go hand in hand with the business’ goals.

If you are hoping to become an HR manager in the near future, the below tips should help you secure a job in the field and help you progress once you have been hired:

1.  Deepen your knowledge of business

It’s almost impossible to become successful in the HR field if you haven’t got enough business knowledge under your belt. This is because you need to have some understanding about how the company can progress forwards to strategically achieve the business’ goals. You could decide to enrol on a training course to expand your knowledge and gain more insight into how to become a leader in your field. Dependent on which industry you wish to work in, there are a number of courses you could choose, such as warehouse operations, customer engagement and aged care courses. These will cover a variety of aspects of running a business and enhance your knowledge of HR at the same time.


2. Being tech savvy

You need to be really in-the-know about technology if HR is the career path for you. There are many reasons why technology is used within a HR manager’s job specification. As their main focus is to look after employees, you’ll need to be able to use software to operate payroll, access employee information and keep track of taxes. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn are also very useful as you will be able to grow your professional network and employ some of the best talent in the local area. This platform is also useful for keeping in contact with potential employees on a long-term basis, so if you ever happen to need them in the future, you can simply get in touch at the click of a button.

3. Be a good communicator

The main job of the HR manager is to be the leader of the workplace culture and ensure that employee wellbeing is taken care of. With this in mind, it’s essential that you are able to communicate clearly and effectively.

There are many ways you can improve your level of communication, including:

· Engage the audience through your choice of wording and stick to a time scale if you’re giving a speech. People have very limited attention spans, so try not to drag out your message. Plan on keeping your speeches short and concise.

· Be a good listener. Communication is managed in two ways – talking and listening; therefore, you must listen to your employees and colleagues and understand their viewpoints to make any positive changes.

· Work on empathy. Ultimately, your employees are the main focus of your role, which is why you need to work on your ability to empathise and see things from their perspective.

Be a good communicator

4. Have a vision

You should have an element of passion for your role and a clear vision of what you would like the organization to be like. Take it upon yourself to find out how you could make positive improvements to the workplace culture and how your goals match up to these ideas. Research as much as you can into how you can make positive changes in the organisation and perhaps network with others to get more knowledge.

5. Develop a mentorship program

If you set up a process for mentoring, you can be sure that each employee is getting the support they need both personally and professionally. It’s often the case that new employees who have just joined the firm need some extra guidance to learn the ropes about how the company works. When they feel as though they have some extra support behind them, they are more likely to experiment a little more and have the confidence to push forward.

mentorship program

6. Select a specialized recruitment service

As mentioned previously, one of your roles as an HR manager is to hire the best talent for the business. However, as you may have so many other tasks to manage, it would be best to hire a professional recruitment service to take care of this for you. Employees will be hand-picked for you, so the middleman is cut out and you can then simply give their details to the business manager for interviewing.