Expended use of Home oxygen safety keeps you healthy and could save lives


Everyone should adopt the home oxygen safety programs, because the home oxygen safety is important part for our health and life too. If you have to deal with the oxygen in your daily life then you better know, you are increasing the possibility of facing fire hazards because oxygen helps sparks to catch fire. By commencing home oxygen safety therapy you can save your family from any hazardous situations and keep them healthy. To avoid such a dangerous situation from occurring into your life, you can follow some steps of precautions. If you are looking for the tips you are on right place, this home oxygen safety guide will helps you to provide safe and healthy environment to your family and guests.

Safety precautions

  1. You should always use all types of smoke detectors at your home. If you are thinking now, how smoke detectors can helps us. It works better because it consists of two important parts one is sensor and another is electronic alarm. When smoke detector senses the any gas in your home it will send signal to the buzzer and it rings up loudly to alert you. Second things to keep in mind is that make sure all of the smoke detector you use in home are in functional stage.
  2. Always try to use rechargeable batteries for the smoke detectors so you don’t have to change and buy new batteries every time.
  3. Once in a month try to give mentence to your devise and batteries of the devices and also check fire extinguisher.
  4. Always be aware of using oil, grease and petroleum based products near the equipment and prevent all these when you are using oxygen. These materials are highly flammable and easily catch fire in the presence of oxygen.

Things to keep in mind while storing the tanks

To store your oxygen tanks find a dry and cool place which is away from the heat sources such as radiator, oven, fireplace and a large sunny window. The place should be free from any thing which can accumulates heat and be sure the cylinders you kept in the place is about 3-4 meters away from the heat sources which includes gas stoves, LPG cylinders, open flames, candles, lamps.

Be aware of using electrical devices nearby oxygen cylinders such as electric razors, iron and electric cattle and some other devices which are advised to not to be used due to risk of the spark can produce. Always try to use oxygen in only one room so that you have hassle free situation to keep eye on things happening in that room. No one to be allowed for smoking in that room you can also post up no smoking sign in that room too to aware people from the situations. Learn everything about the equipments, how to use it and check the safety time to time. It is advised to you not to used repaired equipment for oxygen it can cause leakage. Taking these things on your mind you can provide better environment to your family.

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